• Barn Quilts

    Barn Quilts are  made to order per  your specifications. Pick out a design, colors, and size and I will be happy to create it for you.   Prices range from $40 to $600 depending on the size, number of colors, and complexity of your design.  Send me an email with your ideas and you will receive a sketch and… [Continue Reading]

    Barn Quilts
  • America Needs Farmers

    University of Iowa and the Iowa Farm Bureau promotion of America Needs Farmers leads to barn quilt …see the whole story in the November Farm Bureau magazine.

    America Needs Farmers
  • Perennials and Produce

    Spring Perennials available are : Hostas, Black Eyed Susans, Sedum, Purple bearded Iris, and vinka.  Red Rhubarb, chives, and dill plants are also available. Contact me to discuss availability, quantity, and price.  Reserve early for next year! Carol Prescott 641-829-3628 Prescott@netins.net    

    Perennials and Produce